Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Photo Of Importance

I took this photograph in Tappan Square during my first Winter Term in Oberlin, in January of 2007. It was a milestone for me: a first major snow of the year, a first snow in a very long time, a symbol of wintertimes to come. I found so much joy in photographing it and sharing it that I printed a copy for my dad as a birthday present, a gift of something from Oberlin by an Obie to a past Obie.

The photograph itself represents beauty in a bleak world, a fight for survival in harsh conditions, and the ability to see even when the world is fogged. It also fits in a favored genre of mine, man dwarfed by nature.

I find it an intoxicating image, a cold but inviting shot that begs of a ephemeral world we only wish we could be a part of now.

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