Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Three Blogs

I look at many photos a day... almost too many. These three student blogs are good for a break, as collections of compelling and beautiful images with inner meaning.

Sourcebook VII

Photo by bwiti

Photo by drnoplan

Photo by peachjuice

Photo by agie

Photo by suo-me

Photo by stridsberg

Photo by johnperi

Photo by EyeSt0rm

Photo by fogke

Photo by colpewole

Photo by enginguneysu

Photo by scottchurch

Photo by widjita

Photo by neslihans

Photo by Pelicanh

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sourcebook VI

Photo by: sharadhaksar

Photo by: scottchurch

Photo by: frida-vl

Photo by: misterkey

Photo by: indiae

Photo by: kitchybaby

Photo by: Mareen Fischinger

Photo by: Alessandro Corio

Photo by andrewgabrielrose

Photo by: Mun Mun

Photo by: Felipe Morin

Photo by: claustral

Photo by: [A.6]